• How to Sign Up:
In order to register on the site, click on the "SIGN UP" button at the home menu. Fill in your personal details (name, e-mail, and password) and press the "Register" button. In the e-mail account you have provided, you will receive an e-mail with a specific link. To activate your registration you have to click on this link or copy the activation code, received to the same e-mail, in the corresponding field of the site.
• How to listen:
After you have logged in using your email address and your password, click on the “MUSICBOX” button at the home menu. There, you will find the genres of music divided into 3 categories (World Music, Greek Music and Special Music). Click on the genre you would like to listen and that’s it! The player will pop up at the top of your screen, playing the kind of music you have already chosen.
(Users who have paid subscription can listen to all the songs of each genre of their choice. Users that have not subscribed can only listen to a demo of each genre.)
Demos can also play without having logged in.
• How to upload the spots that you would like to play at your place:
- Click on the "Profile & Spots" button at the home menu and you will be led to the "Edit your profile" tab. There are 5 fields, in the "Modify Your Spots" category, for you to add (upload) the spot of your choice, which will be playing regularly between your songs.
- At the “Play Spots Every# Songs” option below, you can set (by writing the number) the frequency in which the spots will be played. In other words, you can choose the number of songs after which you would like your spots to be played. (Considering the average amount of time a client spends in your place, could be a helpful way to set the frequency of the spots played; hence, your spots will be heard by as many clients as possible.)
*To activate your spots, there is the “Play spots” option with which you can choose anytime whether you would like your added spots to be played among songs, or not, with no need to delete the spots from your profile!
*Spots are played in order, one each time (eg. If 3 spots are added, the first one will be played the first time, the second one the second time and the third one the third time)
*You are not required to upload all the 5 Spots you are entitled to.